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Contact Information

Used to contact the bus trip organizer in case we require clarification regarding this special event.

Your Name: Please enter your full name, First then Last.

Email: Please enter an email address where we may send your rental quote PDF file. We do not share your personal information.

Phone Number: Please enter a phone number where you can be reached.

Billing Information

Company or School Name: Please enter the business name and address where the trip invoice should be sent once the trip is complete.

Office Phone: Please enter the main office phone number for the Company or School.

Trip Details

Trip Date: Enter the date the trip will occur. If you have multiple trips, please enter *multiple* into the additional comments section followed by the basic trip information. We will call the contact phone number for further information.

# of Adult Passengers: Enter the total number of people, aged 6th grade and up, who will be traveling on the rental bus.

# of Student Passengers: Enter the total number of people, aged 5th grade and under, who will be traveling on the rental bus.

# of Buses: Please enter the number of buses you are requesting.

Trip Type:
Drop off Only means that the bus will pick up passengers and drop them off at the destination, then return to our base. Passengers will find/have their own transportation back to the pickup location.
Pick up and Return means the bus will pick up passengers, take them to the destination and then stand by to take passengers back to the pick up location. The bus will park nearby or in a designated parking area until the Departure time.
Shuttle means the bus will be making multiple trips from the Pick Up Location to the Destination. (1 pick up location, 1 destination)
Multiple Stops means the bus will be visiting multiple locations within one time period. (Multiple pick up locations and/or multiple destinations)

Options: Selecting these options does not guarantee their availability.
Undercarriage Storage means there is an extra storage compartment under the bus frame used for storing bulky items.
Wheel Chair Lift Our buses with Wheel Chair Lifts hold a maximum of 12 passengers. Special Requests Only
Air Conditioning means the bus will have air conditioning installed.

Pick Up Location

If this is a trip with multiple pick up locations, enter the first pick up location only.

Pick Up Time: Please enter the time you want the bus to arrive for passenger embarking (loading). This will be the time the bus pulls up to allow passengers to board, not the time the bus will depart for the Destination listed.

Place/Business Name: Please enter the name of the pick up location. For example: Berkley High School or St Mary's Catholic School.

Address/City/Zip: Please enter the street address, city, and zip code for the pick up location.

Destination Information

Place/Business Name: Please enter the name of the trip destination. Example: Lansing Capitol Building

Address/City/Zip: Please enter the street address, city, and zip code for the destination.

Leave Time: Please enter what time (if any) you will need the bus to pick up the passengers for the return trip to the pick up location.

Additional Information: Please use this field to let us know if you require multiple stops, mulitple trips, or specific doors for pick up and drop off.

Request a Bus Rental Quote

Please review our Cancellation & Payment Policies before submitting your quote request. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.


Billing & Contact Information

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Billing Information


Location Information

Pick Up Location

Destination Information


Trip Information


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