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Keeping Your Children Safe for over 50 Years!

Student safety is our highest priority. Our students are precious to us, deserving of our protection, consideration, and respect.

Servicar has developed an in-house action plan in accordance with all State, Federal, WHO, and CDC guidelines, and remains up to date on any changes that occur day by day. In order to ensure that our children remain safe on the bus, Servicar has also created intensive and detailed cleaning & sanitizing schedules. We have invested in our childrens futures by purchasing the necessary equipment and supplies and taking our time to educate our drivers and staff on safe practices and the use of new sanitizers and PPE.

Please read below for just some of the measures we have taken to ensure the safety of our passengers.

Our Procedures include:

Following all mandates and legislations that are implemented by State or Federal authorities.

Servicar office staff are staying up to date on the most effective prevention measures implemented at the Federal and State Level. We are poised to respond quickly and efficiently to any changes as they are implemented, and will endeavor to keep you informed of any changes in policy or procedure as they occur.

Submit daily coded signin protocols prior to the start of the work day:

Employees verify they have not been exposed to anyone who shows signs of any contagious illness, and have their body temperature taken and recorded every morning.

Informing Management if they have been exposed to Covid-19, following strict quarantine requirements prior to return to work

Any exposed employee will submit to covid-testing prior to returning to work. Any employee testing positive for a contagious illness will be quarantined and unable to return to work until 2 consecutive tests have returned a negative result.

Maintaining Social Distancing of 6 feet when possible.

Passengers will be seated in an alternating pattern on the bus to ensure safe distancing when required. Bus windows will be open (weather permitting) to allow ventilation throughout the bus.

Wearing required PPE

Our Bus Drivers will be wearing masks/face shields and gloves as needed. Onboard hand sanitizer and disinfecting cleaning sprays will be used throughout the work day to ensure the cleanest environment possible for our passengers and employees.

Disinfect & Sanitize equipment and other frequently touched surfaces in our busses and office building.

Servicar is committed to implementing stricter cleaning techniques and employee screening. Part of our disinfecting plan includes a daily disinfecting misting fogger that is deployed on each bus, ensuring no cross-contamination from day to day.

Continue to use all safe-interaction procedures with passengers and employees.

These procedures include, but are not limited to: elbow bumps in place of hand-shakes, Frequent hand-washing, remaining at a safe distance from others while on or off the bus, and following our company policies.

We are devoted to our passengers and will continue to provide safe and reliable transportation on our busses.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our Covid19 Preparedness Plans.

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