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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Fees Calculated?

There is minimum charge per bus with driver. After the trip minimum has been reached, we bill only the time that was actually used. ServiCar does not charge per mile for special events, field trips or sporting events.

Total Trip Time is calculated from the time our driver clocks in at our bus yard until our driver returns to the yard and clocks out.

There is a 15 minute mandatory pre & post trip safety inspection automatically added into every estimate. The inspections ensure the bus is clean and mechanically sound before the driver leaves our yard. When the driver returns they search the bus for any lost items and perform a second safety inspection.

What if the roads aren't safe due to inclement weather?

If ServiCar has to close due to unsafe driving conditions, we will be listed on TV 2 and WDIV TV 4 School Closing Networks. ( or as ServiCar South Oakland (the main office).

How many Passengers can fit on the bus

Our large school buses hold 51 - 77 passengers, not including the driver. We do ask that one adult chaperone accompany students on each bus.

What if I have bulky cargo to transport?

Some of our buses have additional compartments called undercarriage storage. You can request a bus with undercarriage storage for any trip at no extra charge, however they are assigned on a first come/first granted basis, and may not always be available.

Does the bus leave after it drops us off?

Our drivers will take your group where they need to go and standby until you are ready to depart. This means the driver will stay on-site, or close at hand if on-site parking is not available. Some schools enjoy the ability to leave personal items on the bus to be accessed if needed.

Are there limits regarding days or times the buses are available?

Servicar is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week service. We work holidays, midnights, early mornings, and will even complete a red-eye run if needed. Where other bus companies are fully booked during the start and end of school days, ServiCar has bus drivers especially designated as Event Drivers. This helps to ensure we can be flexible and responsive to your needs.

When should I book my bus?

Please reserve your bus as soon as the trip details have been finalized. Required information includes the trip date, pick up time, destination, and departure time.

Our Services

ServiCar is a Michigan corporation with over 55 years of experience in public & private transportation, serving the Tri-County area with passion and empathy for our clients and passengers while providing affordable & reliable transportation to the majority of the tri-county area schools and school districts.

School Bus Rental

Are you looking for a way to get your group to an event in a safe & affordable vehicle? Do your students want to travel to local area attractions, museums, historical sites, or campgrounds? ServiCar will take care of the transportation, leaving you free to plan and enjoy your group outing.

Our School Bus Rentals include the school bus with a professional, fully certified bus driver. Servicar's school buses come in many sizes, from small buses holding approximately 10 students, to large buses holding up to 77 passengers. Each school bus is operated by our fully certified and licensed drivers, and inspected daily for safety and cleanliness.

School Bus Routes

Are you having trouble finding quality bus drivers? Are you struggling to get your students to school on time? ServiCar can help.

We offer one-time route coverage as well as daily curb-to-curb service for all your student transportation needs. We have partnered with the majority of the Southeast Michigan area schools and school districts to fill-in wherever and whenever needed, ensuring each student receives affordable access to schooling and school events.

Special Needs Transportation

Are you looking for a bus service that can provide wheel-chair lifts and tie-downs, air conditioned transportation, tinted windows, car seats, or safety harnesses? ServiCar has what you need.

ServiCar specializes in providing professional, personal, and flexible transportation for students with special needs. Our fleet of buses have been equipped with the additional equipment and safety features needed to comfortably transport your student to school.

Sporting Events

Do you have sporting events that are too far away for some of your students? Do you find yourself waiting on players to arrive for away games? We can help!

It can be difficult to gather a large group, at a distant location & on-time, when students cannot provide their own transportation. Our buses with under-carriage storage can hold 50 students with and their bulky equipment, getting the group to the game on-time, fully rested, and ready to win!

Field Trips

Field trips are a great way to provide real-world examples of classroom lessons by giving students a deeper understanding of each subject; Often using guided tours, hands-on experiments, and exposure to new thoughts and ideas to broaden student horizons.

ServiCar has been driving students, from preschool through college, throughout Michigan to explore the world through their own eyes and experiences.

Shuttle Buses

Shuttle buses provide quick transport from campus to campus, picking up your student or group of students, and dropping them off at their next scheduled location without the additional stops that would increase travel time.

ServiCar can bus your students from school to technical training and back in a fast and affordable manner.

Van Transportation

Our van transportation program was developed to assist adult students enrolled in a continued education program. Our fleet of vans will pick up each student at their home, then take them to their job training program, continuing education classroom, or to their alternate school location.

Inclement Weather?

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