1. HIRING - We investigate all applicants thoroughly. Prior to hiring, all potential employees are investigated for drug and alcohol use, Criminal Background investigation, employment history, driving records, and both DOT and MDOE physically certified. Once hired, employees are randomly selected monthly for further drug and alcohol testing.


2. TRAINING - All of our drivers are state certified and trained in the skills of basic first aid, defensive driving, and student behavior management. Driver are required to have at least 71 hours of training in combination of in-house and State training. After completion of our program, employee’s go through an additional mandated training program at Oakland Schools for State of Michigan Certification and are road tested by a state certified third party road examiner.


3. SAFETY - We adapt our buses to meet the needs of individual passengers. This may include the usage of various child safety seats, seatbelts, wheelchair tiedowns, various assistive harnesses, and other specialized required devices and equipment.


4. VEHICLE SAFETY INSPECTIONS - All of our buses are state certified and inspected by both the Michigan State Police and the Michigan Department of Transportation annually.


5. RADIO COMMUNICATIONS - All of our School Buses are equipped with two-way radio communications with our dispatch center. Our system works off of three separate repeater stations through-out the Metro-Detroit area providing us with communications through-out and beyond the tri-county area. They are also equipped with direct talk around for trips outside of the coverage area where communications between buses is needed.


6. PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE - All buses are under a strict preventative maintenance program. We have an efficient maintenance department that can respond promptly. We maintain buses that can accommodate up to 78 passengers and some with under storage compartments.


7. INSURANCE - ServiCar is fully insured for up to 5 million dollars auto liability and an excessive liability coverage of 5 million dollars, which meets or exceeds the required state guidelines.


8. IN BUSINESS SINCE 1964 - We have been an experienced, quality transportation provider for many years. Longevity speaks for itself, it takes a special type of person to become a ServiCar driver.

1. Is your company a State of Michigan certified licensed carrier?


2. Do you have a driver training programs in-house and/or a certification program for drivers training?


3. Are your employees subject to pre-screening in regards to criminal and or driving record checks?


4. Do you have a minimum of 10 years experience in providing the type of transportation being bid?


5. Can you provide at least five (5) local, in state references that you currently contract with?


6. Do you have sufficient vehicles to provide service required for option(s) on which you are bidding?


7. Does you company have an EXCELLENT bus inspection rating, from the Michigan State Police for the last three years?


8. Does your company have two-way radios communications in all of your buses?


9. Do you have an acting member in the Michigan Pupil Transportation Association and attend annual update meetings?


10. Does your company participate and attend monthly meetings, for updates, with Transportation Supervisors of your county?


11. Do you have a member of the Safety Council of Southeast Michigan on your staff?


12. Does your supervisor and dispatcher attend the Annual Supervisor Training and Advanced School Bus Driver Recertification programs?


13. Do you have a certified Training Manager/Director on staff?


14. Do you have a preventative maintenance plan for your bus fleet?

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Contacts - E-mail

Linda O'shea - loshea@servicar.org or Charlene Coppock - ccoppock@servicar.org