For weather conditions that may affect transportation please

refer to the following.


ServiCar subscribes to the TV 2 and WDIV TV 4 School

Closing Networks. You can find out about any School Closings

by watching those channels or visiting them online at or When we

post a ServiCar closing for weather reasons, we post as

three separate locations.


  • ServiCar South Oakland
  • ServiCar North Oakland
  • ServiCar Grosse Pointe
  • ServiCar Warren


We make every attempt to notify these stations prior to the

operations start up on days of heavy or anticipated heavy

snow or ice accumulation. Because of the type of service

that we provide, and that we transport many students from

one district to outside districts, it is very possible that Servi-

Car may not be transporting for your student on any given

day because of weather closings.


When we decide to close because of weather, it is done

through a collaboration of School Transportation Supervisors

from all of the areas that we operate. Our main focus is the

overall safety of all of the students. Since we provide curb to

curb service, if the street you live on is heavily snow covered

or icy, the bus may not be able to come down your street. In

that case we will call to advise you and see about arranging

another pick-up or drop-off location if at all possible.